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Dance for Toddlers & Pre-school Children in Basingstoke

Stepping into Stories are dance and storytelling classes for toddlers, pre-school children and their caregiver within nurseries and preschools in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

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‘Dance fosters social encounter, interaction and co-operation’

Rima Faber: Dance and Early Childhood Cognition: The Isadora Effect.

Stepping into Stories Pre-school Dance Classes in Basingstoke

Do you know a 1-5 year old who loves dancing and stories?

Are you looking for a creative activity to keep your child active and spark their imagination?

Would you enjoy some quality time with your little one and some fresh ideas for creative play?

Stepping into Stories classes help under 5’s to become more confident and imaginative, while spending quality time with their grown up during dance and storytelling classes, so that they can develop essential physical skills and most importantly have fun!

Classes for toddlers and pre-school children (aged 1-5 years).

These classes are for toddlers / pre-school children and their grown up. They provide a wonderful bonding opportunity; dancing, moving and playing together.

Each week we are inspired by well known stories such as Giraffes Can’t Dance, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Guess How Much I Love You and The Blue Balloon, as we develop gross motor skills, confidence and imagination.

We dance by stretching like a giraffe, rolling like a leaf, crawling like a caterpillar, marching like a soldier, jumping into puddles, galloping like a monkey, skipping like a unicorn and a zillion more!

Classes incorporate a range of sensory props such as scarves, ribbons, feathers, emergency blankets, maracas and more to spark our creativity, dancing and bring our stories to life.

Stepping into Stories classes are a fun way to increase children’s physical skills, confidence and imagination, whilst fostering a love of reading. These classes provide a unique opportunity for quality time with your little one.

Stepping into Stories participant. Toddler dancing- age 1.

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Dance Classes in Basingstoke, Hampshire

We don’t have any community classes available currently. If you would like us to run sessions in your child’s nursery / preschool, please contact us.

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Dance Classes in Nursery and Pre-School Settings

Our Stepping into Stories dance and storytelling lessons can be delivered in Nurseries and Pre-Schools in the Alton and Basingstoke area. With a combination of creative play, storytelling and dance, our sessions support a number of the areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Prices start at £35.

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