A child, young person and adult with special educational needs dancing and smiling.

Dance classes in Basingstoke, Hampshire

We offer a range of classes from 1 – 101 years, specialising in providing an opportunity for children, young people and adults with disabilities to dance within a fun and supportive environment.

Our inclusive, friendly classes for dancers, including those with with special educational needs / disabilities are held in the wonderful Hill Rise Hall, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke and St Gabriel’s Church Hall, Popley, Hampshire.

Stepping into Stories

Explore your favourite bedtime stories through dance, movement and sensory props with your caregiver in Basingstoke.

Currently available in Early Years Settings.

Confident walkers – 5 years

Stepping into Stories

Dance through the magic of well loved stories with this creative class for you and your toddler. Stepping into Stories is a preschool dance class with a difference…

You and your 1-5 year old will use dance, imaginations and sensory props to jump into the pages of your favourite bedtime stories, such as Dear Zoo.

Classes are a wonderful way for toddlers to learn the basics of dance, get their wiggles out and leave class feeling calmer, even if they have additional needs.

Classes are suitable for confident walkers – 5 years.

Currently available ONLY in Early Years Settings.

Dancing with Siblings in Basingstoke

What others say…

“I come to this class with my 4 year old twin boys and my nearly 2 year old, they all LOVE it!! There are no other classes like this one, its the perfect combination of moving their bodies, playing with props then a lovely story at the end. The sessions are always great, you can tell Louisa puts a lot of thought into them.”

Holly Wakefield, parent of children attending Stepping into Stories

Dancing together in Basingstoke

Sensory Movement for Children with Disabilities in Basingstoke

No diagnosis needed for these wonderfully inclusive movement classes. They are perfect for developing your child’s sense of self, while gently introducing basic movement concepts, body awareness, following instructions and co-operating with others. Classes are jam-packed with sensory props such as pom poms, shakers and bean bags to support your child’s development and to provide a fun way to encourage self expression.

You can stay with your child during these sessions, to share the magical experience with them.

Guidance age 3+

Enjoying exploring shiny ‘fish’.

What current dancers say…

It has been a joy watching our son who has ASD, develop through these classes. He loves the class and it is really helping him improve his ability to stay focus and interact. He smiles all the way through the class and looks forward to each week. There is so much sensory input in these classes and the structure is perfect for children with additional needs. Highly recommend.

Charlotte Kent, Parent of a Sensory Mover

Co-operating to dance together

Creative Dance for Children with Special Educational Needs (and Disabilities) in Basingstoke

Are you looking for a fun way to support your child’s social interaction and channel some of their energy creatively?

Would your child benefit from a supportive environment that celebrates each individual, run by experienced staff who use small step teaching?

Creative Dance classes help 6 year olds+ to become more confident in a group setting, while keeping active and developing physical skills, so that they can express themselves through dance and leave sessions feeling calmer.

Creative Dance classes are perfect for dancers who enjoy following instructions to learn the basics of dance and routines to music that they love!

Creative dancers participate in this class without their parent/carer (don’t worry, there are always at least two experienced staff in the room to support where needed).

Guidance age 6+

Developing musicality with our Creative Dancers in Alton.

What current dancers say…

Rupert had just the best time! He’s even been practicing the moves at home. I’ve signed up!‘ Sian, Parent of a Creative Dancer.

Calming down with bubbles and lights at the end of class at Beech Village Hall, Alton.

Creative Jazz Dance for Young People with SEN(D) in Basingstoke

Creative Jazz Dance classes are the natural progression from our Creative Dance classes. These classes are fantastic if your child loves learning more advanced routines, introducing elements of dance technique and building their confidence to perform their own choreography.

Guidance age 14+

Dancers performing their own choreography

What current dancers say…

My daughter’s confidence in not only her dance, but her performance has improved dramatically with the teaching of Louisa as a dedicated and inclusive teacher. She has provided an understanding, open and challenging environment in which to learn!‘ Anne Edward, Parent of a Creative Jazz Dancer

Young people with additional needs dancing in bright coloured t-shirts
Young people with additional needs dance show in Alton

Creative Sensory Dance for Adults with Additional Needs in Basingstoke

Creative Sensory Dance classes are ideal for adults who love to wiggle to music, but also benefit from sensory input.

Do you want to improve your social skills and meet new people?

Are dancing and keeping fit things you find fun?

Would you like a new way to express your feelings?

Our fun, friendly and inclusive classes give adults with learning disabilities and other additional needs opportunities to explore movement, creativity and dance as a tool for developing transferable life skills.

Dance classes include structured exercises and creative tasks, using sensory props.

Activities are designed to help your self expression, build confidence, increase functional fitness and develop your social skills.

You are welcome to bring a support worker with you.

Guidance age 25 years+

What current dancers say…

“As a manager of clients with learning disabilities it is wonderful to see the clients happy and telling us about what they have done and the different experiences and skills they are using.”

Becky, Manager at Tudor Rose, Voyage Care.

“Louisa’s classes help my son with his social interaction and he really looks forward to attending. He certainly seems calmer and more settled following attending these classes.”

Tony Hurley, parent.