Stepping into Stories Autumn Term 1 Melrose 9:30am


Boost your toddler’s confidence and bond with you through dance and storytelling classes in Basingstoke.

6 week term from Friday 17th September.


Autumn Term 1 Stepping into Stories classes.

Class info:

  • Held at Melrose Hall, Popley, Basingstoke, RG24 9ES
  • Fridays
  • 9:30-10:10am
  • Walkers- 2.5yrs
  • 6 weeks
  • 17th Sept-22nd Oct

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Toddler dance classes in Popley, Basingstoke

Dance and storytelling classes for under 5’s and their parent/ carer

Why choose dance for your under 5?

  • Learn the fundamentals of dance

Your toddler will roll, point and spin their way through well known stories. They will develop body awareness, co-ordination and strength, while having tons of fun!

  • Have a creative outlet

Stepping into Stories classes help to nurture your toddler to come out of their shell. Watch them blossom through dance classes, even if they are very shy.

  • Quality time

Enjoy quality time moving and playing with your toddler, so that your bond is even stronger and you leave feeling proud; knowing you’re supporting their holistic development and starting healthy habits for life, even if you’re a little self conscious.

  • Channel energy

Channel your toddler’s energy through dance, so that they leave calmer and able to concentrate, even if they have additional needs.

  • Develop a love of stories

All of our toddlers have a favourite story. Now it’s their chance to become part of it too! Sneak into Mr McGregor’s garden, see how far the Blue Balloon stretches and find out if giraffes really can dance! Classes embed pre-literacy skills such as listening, body percussion and rhythm to support school readiness skills.


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