Confirmation: Sensory Movement classes for children with additional needs in Alton and Basingstoke

Thank you for signing up!

We’re so thrilled that you’ve chosen to join our Sensory Movement classes! We’re excited to dance with you!!

You’ve signed up for monthly direct debit payments. This covers 36 weeks of teaching split over 11 monthly payments taken on the 5th of each calendar month.


Tuesdays (Alton)

Thursdays (Basingstoke)


Autumn 1 w/c 11th September – w/e 20th October

Autumn 2 w/c 30th October – w/e 8th December

Spring 1 w/c 1st January – w/e 9th February

Spring 2 w/c 19th February – w/e 29th March

Summer 1 w/c 15th April – w/e 24th May

Summer 2 w/c 3rd June – w/e 12th July

Time: 5 – 5:30pm


Alton Branch: Beech Village Hall, 1 Wellhouse Road, Beech, Alton, GU34 4AQ

Basingstoke Branch: St Gabriel’s Church Hall, 25 Tewksbury Close, Popley, Basingstoke, RG24 9DU

If we haven’t already met… I’ve made a short Welcome Video, so that I’m a familiar face before class and to answer some frequently asked questions. You can watch the video here:


Plenty of parking in the centre car park.


The building is wheelchair accessible, including ramped entrance, wide doorways and accessible toilet (not a Changing Places facility).


We dance in trainers.

Please wear a t-shirt and joggers/ leggings /shorts. Avoid clothing that shows too much skin (no belly tops or low cut trousers).

Please bring a water bottle.


These classes are designed for children to enjoy together with their parent / caregiver.

Don’t worry if you choose to watch for the first week. There’s lots of new stimuli to take in!

Over the weeks, your confidence will grow with the surroundings, class structure and people… by Week 3 there’ll be no stopping you!


We do take photos in class for marketing purposes. These may be used on social media, our website or in the newspaper.

If you would prefer not to be included in photos, please indicate this on your Enrolment Form.


If you can’t make a class, you’re welcome to attend online via Google Meet instead.

Enrolment form:

If you are new to classes, please complete this enrolment form to help me to teach you better.

If you have any queries, please contact Louisa at or 07725334418.

We look forward to dancing with you on w/c 11th September!

Growing and connecting through dance